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Tulsa's Edible Garden Tour

Tulsa's 3rd Annual Edible Garden Tour

 presented by Ellaberry Gardens

  benefitting the Tulsa Community Gardening Association

Come see how some of your fellow Tulsans are growing food in different urban settings all over town! Learn some new techniques, see food growing in action, get to know some awesome folks!

June 8-9, 2013

Saturday 9am - 5pm

Sunday 12pm - 5pm

Ticket prices are $5!
 Children 13 and under are free.

Our 2013 Gardeners:

Crossroads Clubhouse
Vendor: Crossroads Clubhouse
1888 East 15th Street

The Goetzinger Garden
Vendor: Duck Creek Farms
5914 South Sandusky Ave

The O'Donnell Garden
Vendor: Hollyrocks
4816 South Madison Avenue

The Sawyer Garden
Vendor: Clear Creek Seeds (Saturday only)
Garden Girl Studio (Sunday only)

3719 South 112th East Avenue

Wanna volunteer?!?  Shifts are 9am-1pm and 1-5pm on Saturday the 8th and 12pm-5pm on Sunday the 9th. You'll receive one free tour ticket per shift and a sweet little goody bag from me! We need ticket sales folks and yard watcher/garden helpers. See schedule below to see what spots we need filled! Contact me, Jenny, at ellaberrygardens@yahoo.com or 9183461760!

Pick an address where you'd like to begin your tour.  Buy your ticket(s) at that location.  Take your ticket with you to all the other addresses on the tour and get it stamped at each location!

If you attended last year and took any pictures you'd like to share, I'd love to post them here! 

Thanks so much!


Volunteer Schedule (* means an empty spot and I need you!!!):

Saturday, 9-1 Ticket Takers

Shauna Elrod and JoLynn Johnson, The Goetzinger Garden, 5914 South Sandusky Avenue

Marta Swanson and Angela Childress, The Sawyer Garden, 3719 South 112th East Avenue

Suzy Cline and husband, Crossroads Clubhouse, 1888 East 15th St

Carole Miles and *, The O'Donnell Garden, 4816 South Madison Avenue

Saturday 9-1, Yard Watchers


Crossroad Clubhouse staff

Ayesha Fritz, 4816 S Madison Ave

Diana Askins, 5914 S Sandusky Ave

*  3719 S 112th E Ave


Saturday 1-5, Ticket Takers


Molly and Rachel Thompson, Crossroads, 1888 E 15th

Rick and Lynette Banks, 4816 S Madison Ave

Joann and Matthew Morton, 5914 S Sandusky Ave

Chris and Aren Thompson, 3719 S 112th E Ave


Saturday 1-5, Yard Watchers


Crossroads Clubhouse Staff, Crossroads Clubhouse

*  4816 S Madison Ave
 5914 S Sandusky Ave

*  3719 S 112th E Ave


Sunday 12-5, Ticket Takers


Kathy Chenowith and Deanna Mares, The Goetzinger Garden, 5914 South Sandusky Avenue

Dawn Pentecost and Sylvanna Bothelo, Crossroads, 1888 E 15th St

Rick and Lynette Banks, 4816 S Madison Ave

Kristie Davis and *, 3719 S 112th E Ave

Sunday 12-5, Yard Watchers

Crossroads Clubhouse Staff
Stephanie Rodriguez, 4816 S Madison Ave
* 3719 S 112th E Ave
* 5914 S Sandusky Ave

Thanks for volunteering! Couldn't do it without every one of you volunteers, gardeners and vendors!

Some of our awesome and lovely volunteers from 2012!  Thanks, guys! 

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