Ellaberry Gardens
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Homestead Map

Updated February 2013

All pink areas are fruit production.  All green areas are in vegetable, herb or flower production.  These are mostly raised beds.  The areas that are green with a brownish tint are heavily mulched and being gardened in the "Back to Eden" method.  See the film here. Brown areas are mulched pathways.


Areas with gray lines are concrete (sidewalks and driveway...hopefully to be permeable surfaces someday.)

The house faces mostly south, a little east.

Map doesn't account for numerous window boxes and large pots full of growing goodness.

Half circles off back of porch and dark circle at NW corner of house are rain barrles.

Map also doesn't show parking strip that runs along front of property.  It is planted in native wildflowers (primrose, black-eyed susans, yarrow, joe-pye weed and our state wild flower, Indian blanketflower), a rogue shasta daisy and some cosmos.

I have purposely avoided planting any trees within 10' of the back fence to allow for the utility easement.  I highly recommend this.  You'd hate to have a tree finally mature and then have to dig it up to allow the utility companies to tend to their equipment.  Raised beds can be more easily sacrificed/moved.  Be nice to yourself and don't plant in your easement!

Square with "x" in it along back fence is our solar clothes dryer (clothesline!)

Brown area behind biggest peach tree is our current composting area.

Pink tree directly behind and next to house is our elderberry "patch."

"Redneck deck" is our "deck" we built from all recycled/reclaimed materials.  We thickly laid down cardboard and newspaper in the area we wanted to cover; brought in loads of mulch from Tulsa's green waste dump and edged it with rocks "relocated" from the wild!  It holds our outdoor fire pit, chairs and swing for relaxing!  Cost us nothing but time and effort.

Our chickens no longer free range because of the amount of area we have in food production.  They absolutely trashed my beds in the winter of 2009-2010.  It took me two weeks to get them put back together for planting.  Plus the sweet, silly birds like all the same green, yummy leaves that we do.  So, we keep them pinned up but provide them a lovely "salad" daily.

Front yard on east side of driveway, spring 2011 (soon to be replaced with pic from spring 2013 showing the new terraced front yard!)

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