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Ellaberry Harvests

On this page, we'll document our harvests for the current calendar year (2013) so you can sort of get an idea of what really "grows on" around here!  Some harvests are very disappointing and some are thrilling.  That's part of what makes growing food so addicting.  You never know what kind of results you'll have.  There's no garden like next year's garden, so the old saying goes. 

You can also look back and see what went on in the past, if you'd like.  Just take a peek under "Ellaberry Harvests" for our past harvests that we documented online.  (
2010, 2011, 2012)

Also know that I have a horrible habit of not documenting fresh herbs used for cooking.  Just know that we use rosemary, thyme, sage, garlic chives, onions chives, basil, oregano and mint freely throughout each year. I also rarely document the copious amounts of produce I pull and use as animal fodder or the food that we eat right out in the garden.  This is just meant to give you a bit of an idea of what it's like here.


3 lbs kale
2 lbs turnips
butchered 22 quail for meat (about 7.5 lbs of meat)
557 quail eggs (equivalent to just over 9 dozen chicken eggs)
56 chicken eggs (about 4.6 dozen)


2 1/2 lb turnips
1 lb cabbage
10 oz spinach
6 lbs rabbit meat
311 quail eggs (dip in production due to molting)
57 chicken eggs


1 lb turnips
5 lbs cabbage
4 lbs kale
2 lbs broccoli
2 lbs spinach
8 oz quail meat
8 1/2 lbs rabbit meat
179 quail eggs (little buggers still haven't picked up)
88 chicken eggs


4 lbs asparagus
2 lbs cabbages (I didn't count the heads I fed to the chickens and rabbits.)
2 lbs spinach
84 chicken eggs
450 quail eggs


1 lb asparagus
2 lb radishes
4 lbs spinach
3 lbs strawberries
6 1/2 lbs turnips
74 chicken eggs
221 quail eggs (I let them out of their cages to run free for a little over a week.  Chickens eat all their eggs when they're out in the animal run.)


6 oz strawberries
22.5 lbs red onions
3 lbs turnips
5 1/2 lbs kohlrabi
79 heads garlic
16 heads elephant garlic
2 lbs kale
1 lb 9.5 oz jalapenos
4 oz sweet peppers
11.5 lbs yellow onions
4 lbs bush cherries
12 lbs rabbit meat
56 chicken eggs
390 quail eggs


2 lbs Yukon gold potatoes(mucho more..just haven't weighed them yet)
12 lbs bush cherries
6 lbs turnips
8 lbs beets
8 lb 13 oz sweet peppers
6 lbs 3.5 oz tomatoes
1 lb 3 oz jalapenos
6 oz carrots
4 oz eggplant
3 lb 13 oz cucumbers
1 lb 4 oz pole beans
147 chicken eggs (pullets laying now)
407 quail eggs

August (as of 8/14)

7 lbs 15 oz cukes
7 lbs 9 oz carrots
5.5 lbs sweet peppers
1 lb 10 oz jalapenos
1 lb 8 oz tomatoes
a few handfuls of Aunt Molly's ground cherries
a few handfuls of figs
102 chicken eggs
229 quail eggs








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