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Ellaberry Designs

"We come from the earth, we return to the earth, and, in between, we garden.~~~Anonymous"

Ellaberry Gardens offers a wide range of garden planning and consultation services.  I'm especially excited about edibles!  What's more exciting than having your gardening efforts pay off in scrumptious vegetables and fruits!

Ellaberry Gardens can help you design/plan nearly any size edible garden: 

    *a small container garden on your deck, balcony or porch

    *a 4' x 4' herb garden                         

    *a 4' x 8' bed to provide a family of four fresh foods every evening for summer

    *a complete transition of your yard into an urban homestead    

    *an urban orchard    
even a full acre of food production

What are your wildest gardening fantasies?  I think you'll be amazed to find just how much you can do in a limited space!

Design/consultation services can include any or all of the following:

Consultation about what you can grow in your pot, in your city yard or on your rural land (considering your sun availabilty and how much time, money and energy you have available to grow some of your own food.)

Providing you a concise, detailed, clear plan for your gardening space (including very detailed and personalized garden maps, when to plant what, successive planting, plant spacing, and potential yield...all based on what you like to eat!) Contact me if you'd like to see an example!

Helping you transition existing landscaping beds to some or all edible plants based on your taste buds and your aesthetics! 

I will come out to your site (within 50 miles of Tulsa, OK) for an hour minimum (no matter how small a space we're discussing) for up to 2 hours for a larger place for a flat fee of $25 (unless we've made a bartering agreement previously to my arrival.) We, as a team, will decide to go from there.  My fees vary depending on the size of space we're talking about planning and on how thorough you want your plans to be.  You can plan on spending around $100 for plans for about 100 square feet of garden planning.  I'll provide you maps, planting schedules, crop rotations, plant care specifics, tips, etc.   If you have a smaller or larger space, we'll discuss pricing at your consultation.

Helping you design your gardens is an exhilerating process and I think you'll find the personalized plans I prepare for you indispensable whether you're a very beginning gardener or a seasoned gardener just looking for a fresh perspective!

Contact me to make an appointment at ellaberrygardens@yahoo.com or 918-346-1760 and I'll get back to you as soon as I wash the dirt off my hands!!!

For fees that I'm hoping you will find exorbitant, I also offer the following services to those who absolutely cannot or don't care to tend their own gardens.  I make the offer because I know there are those who will ask but, barring cases of illness and/or disability, I am in the business of making you more self-sufficient!  If I do my job right, you won't need me for long!

*building your raised beds for you

*installing your plants (which will always include plant care sheets)

*seasonal garden crop rotations and bed clean-up

*complete garden care (building beds, installing plants, weeding, etc.)

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