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Ellaberry Cooks

Using what you grow or what you acqiure from your local farmers is as important as growing it.  Helping folks get from growing to consumption is one of my challenges and my favorite things to do! 

This section of the website will provide you with some recipes and ideas for foods that may be new to you or maybe just foods that you're not used to having large quantities of (like herbs!)  You'll also find home dairying recipes, recipes for your backyard eggs (quail eggs too!), and some wild foraged goodies.  One other important section of the cooking pages is "Real Food, Real Budget" where I'll provide you with some recipes that are good for you and that you can afford to make---no matter you grocery budget.  Enjoy!

If there's a food that you'd like help preparing and there's no recipe listed, email me!  I might have one that I just haven't had time to post yet!  And if you have a recipe for any seasonal or local food item that you have grown or purchased and want to share it, please email!  If I include it, you'll receive credit here on the site. 

Happy growin'! And happy cookin'!





  • Making Elderberry Syrup



  • Grilled Quail
  • Fried Rabbit

Real Food, Real Budget:


Wild Foraged Foods:





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