Ellaberry Gardens
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Ellaberry Builds

Over and over we've been asked if we ever build stuff for folks like the stuff we build for ourselves around here.  We don't currently offer this because of time and energy constraints.  However, I will be more than happy to show you what we have built and offer as much info to help you out as I can.

We have built:
  • quail cages
  • chicken coops
  • rabbit hutches
  • raised beds
  • cold frames
  • harvest baskets
Examples of our work:

This is our quail enclosure.  It was built entirely from scrap/parts we had lying around.  It's amazingly sturdy.   And, most importantly, our quail seem really happy in it.  It's about 5' tall at its highest point.  The floor space is approximately 15" x 30"...perfect for about 12-15 quail.  Quail can stand to be a bit more crowded than chickens. Yours can be bigger if you're going to house more birds.  I really like the height of this cage because it makes the daily caretaking chores really easy (cleaning, egg collection, feeding, watering.)  

Harvest Basket

Fryer Pen

Rabbit Hutch

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