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Classes by Ellaberry

Do you have a group of friends or neighbors or a gardening club that would like to learn something about urban farming? For any group of at least five or more, I can come to your home, church, or meeting place and offer these classes for $20 per person.  There is a non-refundable $50 reservation fee to schedule a class.   

The per person fee includes the presentation, seasonal snacks (often from the garden), drinks, a door prize drawing and very often some freebies (seeds, community materials, etc.)  After payment is received, each person participating will also receive class materials via email.  Class materials are from 11-38 pages of original material written by me and pertinent to urban farming in Northeast Oklahoma.

Children may attend but if they are to receive class materials and/or enter in the door prizes and/or enjoy the treats and take home goodies I bring, they must pay the fee.  Classes are roughly two hours in length so you must know your children and their tolerances.  Some are naturally interested in these topics and some are not.  I've had children as young as six be delightful and as old as 11 be a horrible.  Please use your best judgment and know that if a child is disrupting the class for other folks, I have no problem asking you and the child(ren) to leave.

The classes listed below are available year round but are listed in order of the months they best fit (January - November.) 

If you'd like to have a workshop of two or more classes plus a meal, we can discuss this via email. 

I do not teach classes on Sundays. 
Contact Jenny at least two weeks before you'd like to have your class to schedule!

Ellaberry Gardens' Class Offerings:

Makin' a Plan

Spending a couple of weeks thoughtfully planning out what you're going to grow and where you want to plant it makes all the difference in a successful growing season. Who wants to have only one pound of tomatoes but 5 bushels of zucchini when what you really wanted was to can tomatoes??? Learn how to map out your beds and how to plan crop rotations and succession plantings. Bring the measurements of at least one, if not all, of your beds so we can cater this class to you (time permitting.)

How Eggsciting!

Learn to raise chickens in an urban environment for eggs, extremely valuable compost material (poop!), and meat.  Topics will include breed selection, housing, feeding, butchering, and local laws and ordinances.  If your group requests, keeping backyard quail for eggs and meat can be discussed as well.

Let's Get Growin'!

This class is best suited for spring (February - March.) In the next couple of weeks, our potatoes, peas, lettuces, spring brassicas, onions, leeks, carrots, parsnips, beets and more go into the ground.  Learn how to wake that garden up and get it breathing and growing again!

You Can Eat That?!?!

Oklahoma landscaping isn't limited to azaleas and Bradford pears.  Us Okies are more resourceful, yes?  Learn how to include edible flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits in your existing landscape while beautifying your home and filling your belly.  You might also be surprised to learn which plants you're already growing that could be enhancing your dinner table!  Take home a wonderful example.

The Pharmacy Out Back

What if you could walk out your back door and pick your "medicines" from plants you have grown to aid your and your family's health, healing and general well-being? You can!!!  Learn to grow a few common herbs and flowers and how to prepare tinctures, teas and salves.  Plan to go home with a delightful concoction!

Feed What Feeds You

Your plants have to eat and drink well before you can eat well.  This class covers fertilizing and irrigating. We will cover why fertilizing your plants naturally is so important and how to go about it.  We will cover basic composting, the fertilizing requirements of different plant families, and what natural products are available to us locally in NE Oklahoma.  Also learn ways to keep your plants' thirst quenched besides standing in your yard with the hose.  Mulching with recycled materials, rainwater collecting, drip irrigation, and other alternative watering
methods will be explored.

Broccoli, Cabbage and Spinach, Oh My!

Participants will learn how to summer sow for fall harvests.  Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuces, spinach and carrots will be covered.  You will leave with several seeds sown in small cups for your fall eating. Special note to class host: this is a "doing" class and we'll need a card table or dining room with a table and chairs for folks to work (and where you don't mind a little seed starting mix being tossed about a bit.) 

What Does One Do With a Bushel of Tomatoes?!

We will cover the very basics off preserving your harvests including freezing, canning and dehydrating.  We will make sure you leave with basic knowledge of how to preserve some foods with resources to further your learning. Special note to class host:  if your group would like this to be a "doing" class where we actually can a quart of tomatoes each, this can be done 1) if you have the room in your kitchen and 2) if you can provide enough fruit.  I will provide jars.  Make sure you let me know if this is what you'd like so I can prepare accordingly.

Hungry Spring?! No More!

We're gonna learn to fall sow crops for early spring eating to fill in that gap between when we've eaten up all our stored produce and our garden isn't producing quite yet.  You'll be munching on fresh greens when your neighbors are just beginning to think about putting seeds in the ground! We'll also discuss cold frames and hooping your beds for continued growing throughout the winter!

Sow That's How You Do It?!?!

We will explore the hidden meanings in seed packet jargon and learn to start our own plants from seed to save money and just for plain ole fun (and a nice lesson in patience.)  We'll also be sure to cover transplanting your seed babies to your garden.  What is hardening off and is it necessary?  What plants are really better suited to direct seeding outside? We'll also learn how to save seeds from your plants to start your garden over and over...the ultimate in sustainability.  Warning for those with delicate sensibilities: we will be "dissecting" some unfortunate fruits and vegetables so we can examine what's on the inside and save their seeds.  Time and interest permitting, we may touch on propagating from cuttings as well.  Plan to leave with seeds to start in your own garden next spring!!! Special note to class host: this is a "doing" class and we'll need a card table and chairs or a dining room to work in.

That's the Nicest Thing That Anyone's Ever Done For Me!!!  

In this class, we'll turn our hearts and minds towards the holiday season and explore ways to create heart-warming, meaningful, and useful gifts and goodies from our gardens and our kitchens.  You'll go home with lots of great recipes and a little gift yourself!  FUN class!  We'll have a "Dirty Santa" type exchange and I'll provide all the gifts! Especially important that I have a headcount for this class!

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