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About Ellaberry

Ellaberry Gardens is gratefully owned and operated by me, Jenny Thompson, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I am a native Tulsan and love living and gardening here...even in August!

There are so many exciting things about urban homesteading that I want to share with you!  I want to spread the word about urban homesteading and how we can all do so much more in urban areas than we ever thought possible!  I'm trying my hand at it on a little less than 1/5 of an acre right in the middle of an average neighborhood and you can too!

I have been building up my urban homestead since 2003.  I have turned much of our own yard into food production (fruits, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers.)  I keep laying hens and quail for eggs and some meat (when we have extra males or the girlies quit laying)and a breeding bunny trio for a few meat rabbits.  I also grow native flowers, perennial flowers for birds and butterlifes and honeybees, and a few annuals that I just think are pretty and/or are edible. I work hard to live as sustainably as possible while still living a "normal" life.

Growing, harvesting and preserving foods are some of my favorite ways to pass time.  Some of the best experiences are harvesting a bowl of breakfast blackberries in your pajamas and picking a luscious salad twenty minutes before dinner.  Pulling last summer's pesto out of the freezer in January is marvelous.  Throwing your own dried veggies in a soup pot on a cool March evening is fabulous.   Popping open a jar of your own salsa anytime of the year is pretty darn nifty.

I am most definitely an autodidact but truly couldn't have gotten where I am without loads of help from the library, the extension office and a few gardeners I've met.  I have read dozens of library books, taken numerous classes and workshops, and picked the brains of nearly every gardener I know! References are available if you require that sort of thing.  Or maybe you can just take a trip on over here.  Drop me an email (ellaberrygardens@yahoo.com) and we'll schedule a time!

I'd like to help others tap into the joy of truly local food.  I don't garden because I have to or because I'm scared of the grocery store or because I can't afford organic produce.  I garden because I have found nothing---outside of birthing my babies---to be more magical, fulfilling, beautiful or sustaining.  Join me.

Ellaberry Gardens is also very proud to have started Tulsa's first Edible Garden Tour in 2011.  We had at least 500 folks come out the first year and hope to build on this for years to come.  There are lots of us out there who want to see and learn more from others in our town who are growing some (or most!) of their own food!  This tour is a perfect opportunity to see how others are doing it in "real life." 

I very much look forward to working with others in the community and getting to know all y'all! 

Feel free to find me on Facebook by looking for "Ellaberry Gardens" or by following this link. I update it more often and occasionally offer free seeds!

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