Ellaberry Gardens
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Let me help you get growing!
Welcome to Ellaberry Gardens! So glad you found us!

We offer seasonal gardening/urban homesteading
classes, edible garden design and consultation, a (mostly) monthly newsletter, and recipes and instructions for using up your garden produce, some home dairying and even some for wild foraged foods. 

I'm excited to share our experiences with you. I began documenting our harvests online as of 2010 so you can see what's actually growing on around here.

Ellaberry Gardens also puts on an
edible garden tour in Tulsa every June. It's a wonderful event and helps folks see what growing some food in an urban setting might look like in "real life."

Get comfy and take a look around! Know that every image you see on this site is ours. There are no broccoli body doubles for us! Authenticity is extremely important to me. Want you to know that whatever you see on this page has really happened on our lil' urban farm. I hope to get to know you soon!

Happy growing!


We joyfully accept donations in any denomination you'd like to share to help cover class fees for those who can't afford them and for "seed money" for new projects and community outreach! Include your address if you donate $5 or more and receive free seeds harvested right here at Ellaberry Gardens! We thank you kindly!

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